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Our focus at ENTOURAGE Bio-Therapeutics is the research and development of pharma-grade products using the finest CBD (Cannabidiol) available. All products are developed by our distinguished science team and produced with the finest ingredients. We use 100% natural, moisturizing, and pharmaceutical grade ingredients that soften and nourish the skin while revitalizing muscles and joints.

Our White Label and Private Label CBD Product Line

We have 17 shelf-ready CBD product formulations that you can brand right now – always THC Free.

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Many of our popular products are shown below.

Starting or Adding to your CBD Product Line is Easy

CBD Product Selection > Packaging > Quantities > Label Design > Order Fulfillment

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White Label CBD

We fill your White Label CBD products, add custom labels, and ship them to your door.
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Private Label CBD

Should you prefer to Private Label and customize your formulation, we’re excited to work with you to do so! We will fill your Private Label CBD products, add custom labels, and ship them to your door.
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Wholesale CBD

Prefer to become a Wholesale CBD Program customer? Just choose the products you want with a minimum order of $250, and we’ll ship them to your door right away.
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Product Testimonials

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I absolutely love ENTOURAGE Bio-Therapeutics CBD products. I use the CBD Body Cream on my knees, neck, upper back and jaw. It works quickly, and I love the creamy, not greasy texture on my skin. I have tried numerous CBD creams and have not experienced the effect I consistently get from ENTOURAGE CBD cream.

The Ylang Ylang CBD bath bomb is exquisite. It is very effervescent and releases an intoxicating aroma as it dissolves. The fragrance was mildly sweet and balanced beautifully with the savory patchouli. I became very relaxed and slept beautifully after my bath. I loved the soft, moisturized feel of my skin. It was a luxurious experience. Can’t wait to try the other scents. Can it get any better than this?? Thank you, ENTOURAGE Bio-Therapeutics… your products are superb.

Lynelle P.

I have been using your CBD Body Cream, and I just wanted to say it is absolutely amazing!! I have tried a variety of products over the years, but they have failed to make a difference. After using your CBD cream, I am blown away. I can’t wait to get more! THANK YOU!!!!”

Bobby H.

We used your CBD Body Cream on my 92-year old mother when she got shingles and was in pretty bad shape. The CBD Body Cream worked like nothing else! Thank you for this product!”

Rachelle V.

Entourage Bio-Therapeutics 2021 Catalog

Product Catalog 2021

Get our full product catalog for White Label, Private Label, and Wholesale

Our White Label, Private Label, and Wholesale formulas include: CBD Body Cream, CBD Body Butter, CBD Body Whip, CBD Facial Cream and Facial Oil, CBD Roll On, CBD Massage Oil, CBD Bath Bombs, and CBD Lip Balm.

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